Past, Present and Future

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When I think about what 's important, I think of the morals and values my parents instilled in me as a child. How those morals and values have steered me in the right direction towards having a whole and complete life. I often reflect on what I've achieved in my 4+ decades on this earth and how I can improve on that and what legacy I will be leaving behind and what I'm instilling in my offspring for their future, and the future of their children. Having traveled extensively around the world, I've been exposed to many cultures and experienced what it's like to take for granted the food and running water we have immediate access to. 

Life as I view it, is absolutely what we as individuals make it. We all have choices, and within those choices, we choose each and every minute of our existence, to love, to share, to be open to opportunities and to better ourselves and the planet.

Life really is, TOO SHORT!

I have studied, gained a degree in Art Theory, International Teaching Diploma in Yoga, Commercial Photography Certificate and multiple certificates within the Fitness Industry, Personal Trainer qualified, aerobics, spin cycling, swiss ball instruction and massage therapy certifications. 

I have spent the last 2 decades predominantly contracting my services to those in need, whether it be my commercial or wedding photography skills, personal training aptitude, yoga instruction as well as someone who listens, cares and attends to those in need, especially with their health and to those who seek change, for themselves, or their loved ones.

My exploration into a holistic approach to life began at the turn of the century when I first discovered yoga. Since then I've evolved into a person who understands the importance of tuning in, listening carefully to the beat of my own breath and expanding on my knowledge of how I can impart this information to empower others. Early 2016, I was introduced to dōTERRA and what an opportunity that has been. Not only for my own personal health journey, but also of my families. And while I enrich our lives with removing toxins as best I can from our everyday life, we eat more whole and raw, pro-actively manage our health with essential oils, rest and exercise in fresh air each and every day to connect to our earth and really take the time to stop and smell the roses.

After all, what is the great hurry all about?

I am here to be of service, to offer advice, to empower you to be the best version of yourself and to truly understand who you are and why you are here. When I think of what's important, I regard my morals and values highly and feel extremely grateful for being educated in a way in which I am to understand them. While I would do ANYTHING for my family and friends, those I love, I now know, I HAVE to put myself first. My health and happiness is more important than anything, for without my health, I cannot look after, support and care for those around me.

I feel it shows a huge amount of self-respect.

Pulse Yoga is all about great service. Great service begins with great people and industry experience. I am part of an ever-expanding team of dedicated personnel with a genuine desire to ensure that your experience is easy, convenient, and satisfying. Come, visit me, and get to know me better. Have questions? Give me a call, or email me!