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"Olivia is a wonderful yoga teacher.  She brings warmth, understanding and a depth of knowledge to her students.  She always ensures that we are well supported and clear about our practice.  She is a naturally positive person and this shines through in the delivery of her classes.  I always feel great, both physically and mentally when I have participated in one of Olivia's classes."

Rebekah McCullough

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"I just wanted to let you know that I have really enjoyed you taking the Yoga sessions. You have a lovely way of making everyone feel very welcome. The first class with you, some time ago now was one where you were talking and guiding us to relax and it was just so good because at the time I was feeling soo stressed. You have a lovely smile and a genuine warmth that is so refreshing to be around. I know that the people in Hanmer are very lucky to be gaining you as a new resident who can provide such a wonderful service that can really make a difference to peoples stress levels and outlook on life.
Thank you Olivia
All the Best"

Ms Chris Mateer


I have been attending yoga classes with Olivia for over a year. I really enjoy the mix of strength, stretching and relaxation. Olivia is more than happy to taylor the class to suit the specific needs that those attending may have. I really look forward to the relaxation at the end of class and always leave feeling a lot more calm, refreshed, centred and reinvigorated. The incorporation of Doterra essential oils in the class is great and I always enjoy trying out new oils.

Emily Sinclair


"I have very much enjoyed being in Olivia's yoga classes for over 4 years. Combined with an excellent variety of well-prepared posses, Olivia's 'down to earth' but 'positively bubbly' personality makes her style of teaching yoga a unique experience.I personally have been practicing yoga for over 28 years so have experienced quite a few different teaching styles over this time - Olivia, with her warm welcoming nature, has been one of the most memorable."

Kay Unkovich


Thank you for the class it was really great. I know the girls got a lot out of it. You were amazing and it was everything I could have hoped for!

Tamlyn Nicoll


Pulse yoga classes are uplifting, calming, energising and nurturing, couldn’t ask for more, grateful thanks Olivia

Shelley Waterman-Thomas

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