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General classes are varied week to week and depend a lot on the students' and their ability and preference. Classes are either 45 or 60mins and often start with a sequence of flexibilities, used to loosen and mobilise the joints. A standing flow sequence of asanas will follow, leading the students to their mat to finish the daily practice with Shavasana, either guided or at the students own requirements. Pranayama is incorporated, as is meditation where I see necessary or at students' requests. We also use props such as blankets, bolsters, blocks and straps especially for restorative practice. The focus is to incorporate total mind, body, and soul, ensuring a holistic practice. I use DōTERRA Essential Oils in the class where I see fit and often again at students' request or requirements.

In-person classes are held at the Hanmer Springs Physio Rooms, 12 Amuri Ave

All classes are available via zoom too for those who prefer to join online.

I am currently working with either a casual or a monthly payment system, please get in touch if you'd like to join a class.

Subscriptions to my Pulse Yoga App will become available by early 2023.

Classes available on my app will be varied in length from 15 - 60mins. There will also be challenges and specific classes targeting runners and cyclists as well as the everyday athlete. Ensuring Balance for Life and enabling you to 'Live Your Best'!

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